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A Fun, Educational Mix of My Two Favorite Things: Nursing & Beyoncé.

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It's not just about what you study, it's HOW you study that's equally as important!

Inspired by my personal nursing school note-taking method and belief that you retain more when you're ENTERTAINED, I created this Beyoncé-themed ebook filled with vivid colors, pictures, and popular topics to help you remember IV Therapy's hardest terminologies and concepts! It's the same boring information from the textbooks but retold through a different and creative perspective to help you retain and recall easier and faster!

This Ebook will include illustrated key concepts and commonly tested topics such as:

✔️ Different types of IV solutions

✔️Tips on How to Choose A Vein & What sites to AVOID!

✔️How to Start an IV

✔️Adult & Pediatric Considerations

✔️ Peripheral IV Complications

All the section titles are funny parodies of existing Beyoncé songs which makes the review even more entertaining! For example: ''Get Me Body-Fluids" will go over the important facts about Body Fluids!


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Pharmacology Study Kit

Over 30 pages of the most commonly tested information in pharmacology.



  • Med Suffixes
  • NCLEX Tips
  • Antidotes & Reversals
  • Electrolyte Cheat Sheet
  • Top 50 Prescribed Medication Drug Cards! 
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Dosage Calculations Study Kit

This 24-page Monopoly-themed eBook will include reviews of:

✔️Ratio & proportions

✔️Dimensional Analysis

✔️IV flow rate & IV drop rate

✔️Practice problems w/ step-by-step walkthrough 

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Ultimate Nursing School Study Kit Bundle

11 Study Kits; 1 Bundle.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • NCLEX Study Kit (regularly $15)
  • NCLEX Pharmacology Study Kit (regularly $9)
  • NurseEATS Common NCLEX Diets (regularly $9)
  • Nursing School Study Templates (regularly $5)
  • Nursing School 'Thrive and Survive' Workbook (worth $9)
  • Fundamentals of Nursing (regularly $11)
  • Dosage Calculations (regularly $11)
  • Maternity/OB (regularly $15)
  • NURSEbucks Clinical Report Sheet/Brainsheet (regularly $5)
  • Med-Surg Cram Style Study Sheets (regularly $5)
  • Insulin Study Sheet (worth $5)
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